Day & Nite Rugs repairs & restores:

  • Fringe Repair – Restoration or complete replacement of fringes
  • Serging & Binding – Serging & Binding techniques to achieve a polished edge finish
  • Patching & Reweaving – Mending holes, sewing tears, and repairing cuts on area rugs
  • Backing Repair– Affixing new rug backing for enhanced durability
48 years experience

In the intricate world of rug repair and restoration, the choice between traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques can significantly impact the outcome. At Day & Nite Rug Rugs, we deeply appreciate the rich heritage of traditional repair methods while also harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology.

When it comes to assessing a rug’s condition, our approach integrates time-honored expertise with the latest advancements. Our seasoned repair team meticulously examines each rug, drawing on decades of experience to identify subtle nuances in weaving patterns and fiber integrity. This traditional approach, guided by skilled hands and discerning eyes, forms the cornerstone of our restoration process.

While some rug repair companies may rely solely on traditional methods or opt for purely modern approaches, Day & Nite Rug Rugs believes in the synergy of both worlds. We understand the value of preserving time-tested techniques while embracing the efficiencies offered by modern advancements.

By seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, we ensure that each rug entrusted to us receives the utmost care and attention. Our commitment extends beyond mere restoration; we strive to honor the legacy of craftsmanship while delivering results that exceed expectations.

In essence, Day & Nite Rug Rugs bridges the gap between past and present, offering a harmonious fusion of traditional artistry and modern precision. Experience the best of both worlds as we breathe new life into your cherished rugs, preserving their beauty for generations to come.

Our rug repair services extend beyond area rug cleaning, encompassing a comprehensive approach to preserving the beauty of various types of rugs. We specialize in reweaving holes, sewing tears and cuts, repairing and cleaning fringes, as well as brightening and correcting color runs. Additionally, our deep cleaning techniques effectively eliminate stains and soiling, restoring the rugs to their original splendor. Whether it be Persian rugs, wool rugs, or those with fringe made from cotton, silk, or rayon, we have the expertise to ensure thorough and meticulous repairs.

rug repair tulsa
Before Reweaving
rug restoration
After Reweaving

Rug reweaving may be suggested based on the value of the Oriental rug and the extent of the damage. This method, although time-consuming, is undoubtedly the most comprehensive approach to restore your Oriental rug or other fine area rug to its nearly original condition.

The damaged area is thoroughly cleaned before new threads, closely matching the texture and color of the original rug, are meticulously sewn into the hole to reconstruct the rug’s foundation. Subsequently, the knots in the original design are precisely replicated to ensure seamless repairs.

The process of serging is employed to bestow a refined and polished appearance upon your rug. To safeguard the sides of your Oriental rugs against unraveling and damage, we employ the use of sturdy wool, cotton, or synthetic thread. Our service offers hand serging, tailored to the specific construction of your rug. Prior to initiating the serging process, we conduct a thorough assessment to ensure the solidity of your rug edges. In cases where edge repairs are warranted, we reinforce them prior to serging, guaranteeing durability and long-lasting restoration.

rug serging
Before Serging
rug binding
After Serging

Binding, on the other hand, finds its primary application in tufted carpets that have been transformed into rugs. By affixing a narrow strip of fabric along the raw edge of the rug, we effectively prevent fraying and grant your rug an elegant and refined appearance.

In cases where damage has occurred, we diligently clean the affected area and meticulously sew new threads that match the texture and color of the original rug. This meticulous process serves to rebuild the foundation of your rug. Subsequently, we painstakingly replicate the knots of the original design, ensuring seamless repairs that remain undetectable to the discerning eye.

fringe damage
Fringe Damage
fringe repair
Fringe Repaired

Your Oriental rugs deserve nothing less than our utmost care and attention at Day & Nite Rug Rugs. Through a meticulous assessment, we discern the most appropriate fringe repair method tailored to your rug’s specific construction. If your rug boasts hand-knotted edges, our skilled artisans delicately re-wrap them by hand, ensuring every detail, from color to structure, is preserved impeccably. Our commitment is to maintain the exceptional quality your Oriental rugs embody, achieved through a manual process that exemplifies precision and artistry. Regardless of your rug’s type, trust us to stand by you with unwavering support throughout the repair journey.

To learn more about our cleaning process click here.

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Day & Nite Rugs
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Cathy HancockCathy Hancock
22:01 20 Jan 24
Outstanding customer service and quality of work
Pattie Gay-SittlerPattie Gay-Sittler
19:47 22 Dec 23
Thank you for your very timely service! Just speed my 2 rugs out and am so amazed at both cleaning jobs. That you were able to remove the stain, I wondered if it could be salvaged and It is lovely. Couple that with a very good repair job on frayed end, superb job. I’m very pleased.
James Greenawalt IIIJames Greenawalt III
00:51 20 Nov 23
We have had D&N clean a large 16x26 rug, small rugs for entries and everything in between. They do a great job every time. PLUS, and this is a real plus our in our book, it is a family owned and operated business. They care that the rug they send you home with is clean. We won't go anywhere else.
Denise IwanickiDenise Iwanicki
15:33 02 Nov 23
Friendly service, fair prices, and they've done a great job on both rugs that we took into the store.
Reagan EdenReagan Eden
18:22 01 Nov 23
They do a great job each and every time at very fair prices.
Lanna SchelbarLanna Schelbar
16:29 04 May 23
We have been using Day and Nite Rugs for years. Not only do they do a fantastic job, but they go above and beyond to make everything as good as new. Steven, the owner, is an incredibly hard worker, friendly and professional. It’s hard to find a family business of this quality anywhere anymore. 5 stars.
Maddy TynerMaddy Tyner
17:18 08 Nov 21
Day & Nite has cleaned my family’s carpets and rugs for years and we’ve never had an issue. All odors are removed and we’ve always had 1-2 dogs! They also have in house rug repair and the services are fantastic, especially for pieces that have been chewed on (again, our dogs).Also, I love that it’s a family owned business. The customer service has been fantastic and they are super knowledgeable. Feels good to shop local.
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