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Our 10 Step Area Rug Cleaning Process
Our rug cleaning process is fully mechanized for a more efficient wash. From the duster which removes loose soil, to the washing machine, to the centrifuge, which spins out most of the water, your rug could not get cleaner! The process ends in our climate controlled drying room to get your rugs fully dried.

Our Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1: Initial Inspection at Rug Drop Off or Pick Up

Step 2: Follow Up Detailed Rug Inspection

Step 3: Dusting

Step 4: Immersion Wash and Rinse

Step 5: Centrifugal Water Removal

Step 6: Fresh Air Rug Drying

Step 7: Rug Combing, Brushing, and Fluffing. 

Step 8: Rug Fringe Cleaning and Grooming

Step 9: Post Cleaning Vacuuming and Inspection

Step 10: Optional Rug Fiber Protector,
Insect Repellent & Rug Pad Services

Fresh Air Rug Drying
Immersion Wash and Rinse
rug water removal

pet odor deodorize
rug pad
rug repair
area rug cleaning

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