However life can stink! Especially when an unruly pet has taken control of your sanctuary. We can get the worst of the worst of smells out of rugs. Pet odor removal is done with a full wash.

Pet Odor Removal

Different types of stains, structural damages, and color runs can affect rugs. Each problem requires a unique approach and intervention. Pet stains, a commonly encountered issue, not only cause permanent damage to rugs but also pose health hazards. Unfortunately, urine on rug fibers does not remain superficial; it seeps through and contaminates the underlying flooring material. Urine odors also permeate stone or wood floors. As urine dries, the liquid evaporates, leaving concentrated and pungent urine crystals consisting of bacteria,, uric acid, and other compounds. Simple cleaning methods are ineffective in eliminating this odor, and commonly used disinfectants and perfumes prove insufficient.

Just treating the surface will not remove the source of the smell. We use a special method that first dissolves the urine and then at this point we are able to flush the rug with fresh clean water removing the urine from the rug. The final step it goes through is a process to sanitize the rug to prevent the bacteria from creating further odors down the road.

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