Our rug cleaning process is a marvel of modern technology, fully automated to ensure your cherished rugs receive unmatched cleanliness and a rejuvenating freshness.

It begins with the careful attention of our skilled technicians, who inspect each rug to assess its unique needs. Then, the transformative journey commences with the duster, a powerful apparatus that gently yet effectively removes every trace of loose soil and debris embedded within the fibers.

As the rug progresses through our state-of-the-art facility, it encounters the heart of our operation: the washing machine. Here, advanced cleaning solutions are delicately infused into the fibers, breaking down stains and lifting away even the toughest grime.

But the process doesn’t stop there. Next comes the centrifuge, a marvel of engineering that harnesses centrifugal force to extract the majority of moisture from the rug, leaving it remarkably dry and ready for the final stages of rejuvenation. This innovative technology not only accelerates the drying process but also minimizes the risk of damage, preserving the integrity of your rug for years to come.

Finally, the journey culminates in our climate-controlled drying room, where gentle airflow and carefully regulated temperature ensure that your rugs emerge not only impeccably clean but also fully dried.

In essence, our rug cleaning process transcends mere cleanliness; it embodies a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the preservation of cherished possessions. Trust us to deliver results that exceed your expectations, and experience the difference that true craftsmanship can make in the life of your rugs.

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Welcome to Day & Nite Rugs, we are an independent family run company, that has been in business for 2 generations. We strive daily to be the premier family-owned company in our industry.

Since 1976, we have been in business, demonstrating remarkable longevity and maintaining a commitment to excellence.

Being the premier company to us means having a strong stable repeat customer base, we work to achieve that by being a reliable and predictable company. Our pricing and services are transparent and straightforward. We do not believe in high pressure sells tactics or unnecessary additional features..

We deliver the highest quality of service around, and guarantee it. That’s just how we do business. We want to make you a customer for life.

Please feel free to reach out to us at your earliest convenience for any inquiries regarding the cleaning of your area rugs. Our team of courteous and well-informed staff members is ready to assist you. We will gladly assist you in scheduling a suitable time for the collection of your rug, its thorough cleaning at our climate-controlled facility, and its prompt delivery back to you.

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1012 S. Elgin Ave, Tulsa OK

Day & Nite Rugs
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Cathy HancockCathy Hancock
22:01 20 Jan 24
Outstanding customer service and quality of work
Pattie Gay-SittlerPattie Gay-Sittler
19:47 22 Dec 23
Thank you for your very timely service! Just speed my 2 rugs out and am so amazed at both cleaning jobs. That you were able to remove the stain, I wondered if it could be salvaged and It is lovely. Couple that with a very good repair job on frayed end, superb job. I’m very pleased.
James Greenawalt IIIJames Greenawalt III
00:51 20 Nov 23
We have had D&N clean a large 16x26 rug, small rugs for entries and everything in between. They do a great job every time. PLUS, and this is a real plus our in our book, it is a family owned and operated business. They care that the rug they send you home with is clean. We won't go anywhere else.
Denise IwanickiDenise Iwanicki
15:33 02 Nov 23
Friendly service, fair prices, and they've done a great job on both rugs that we took into the store.
Reagan EdenReagan Eden
18:22 01 Nov 23
They do a great job each and every time at very fair prices.
Lanna SchelbarLanna Schelbar
16:29 04 May 23
We have been using Day and Nite Rugs for years. Not only do they do a fantastic job, but they go above and beyond to make everything as good as new. Steven, the owner, is an incredibly hard worker, friendly and professional. It’s hard to find a family business of this quality anywhere anymore. 5 stars.
Maddy TynerMaddy Tyner
17:18 08 Nov 21
Day & Nite has cleaned my family’s carpets and rugs for years and we’ve never had an issue. All odors are removed and we’ve always had 1-2 dogs! They also have in house rug repair and the services are fantastic, especially for pieces that have been chewed on (again, our dogs).Also, I love that it’s a family owned business. The customer service has been fantastic and they are super knowledgeable. Feels good to shop local.
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