In-Home Carpet Cleaning: Our preferred technique for cleaning our carpets is hot water extraction, commonly known as “steam cleaning,
and is highly recommended by leading
carpet manufacturers. To uphold the “Wear Warranty” on most modern carpets, hot water extraction is essential. Our chosen method employs the use
of a robust truck-mounted cleaning system, ensuring superior deep rinsing, optimal outcomes, and reduced drying time.

In-Home Carpet Cleaning

Wall to wall carpet cleaning goes beyond simple vacuuming and should not be attempted as a DIY task. To restore heavily soiled carpets and bring back their original appearance, shampooing is necessary. Engaging professional deep cleaning services not only enhances the vibrancy of carpet colors, but also effectively reduces dirt particles and allergens that regular vacuuming often fails to eliminate.

Regardless of how diligently homeowners maintain their wall to wall carpets, the time will come when professional rug cleaning in Tulsa becomes necessary. Consider this analogy: Home carpet vacuuming is akin to fast food, while professional carpet cleaning is synonymous with fine dining. To ensure fine quality, we recommend scheduling a deep cleaning by professionals at least once a year. Our trained technicians possess the expertise and specialized equipment required to perform the job correctly.

In-Home Carpet Cleaning

Prior to the cleaning process, we ensure that spots and problem areas receive pre-treatment. In the event that a spot persists after the initial cleaning, it undergoes re-treatment and is cleaned again, sometimes even requiring a third attempt. If a spot remains after the second or third cleaning, it is considered a stain. For these cases, specialized carpet stain removal procedures, such as extended cleaning time, or tailored solutions, may be employed to eliminate the stain.

Carpet steam cleaning offers numerous fine quality benefits that you should take advantage of. Among the exceptional advantages of this method are: ensuring the health of your family, achieving an immaculately clean carpet, restoring its original beauty, injecting much-needed moisture, and significantly extending its lifespan. According to the EPA, maintaining a clean and healthy indoor environment is crucial, as most Americans spend a majority of their time indoors. Neglecting proper carpet cleaning can lead to adverse health effects, making steam cleaning a paramount solution. By opting for this technique, you can enjoy a refreshed indoor environment while simultaneously revitalizing your carpet’s appearance.

Pet Stain Removal: It is inevitable that your pets may occasionally cause unsightly stains on your carpet, beyond your control. To address this, professional assistance is essential, as removing stubborn stains requires the use of specialized cleaning solutions. Rest assured, our experts at Day & Nite Rugs are here to provide you with fine quality pet stain removal services.

Pet Urine and Odor Treatment: Our beloved pets can sometimes leave undesirable marks on our carpets, including urine and unpleasant odors. However, there’s no need to worry! With Day & ite Rugs exceptional pet urine and odor removal services, you can trust that your carpets will be completely free from any unpleasant smells.

Our specialized hot water extraction method effectively eliminates odors from your carpet by thoroughly rinsing and extracting odor-causing contaminants. By targeting the source of the odor, we employ a comprehensive cleaning process that eliminates soil and odor-causing agents from the fine-quality fibers of your carpet. When faced with more persistent odors, Day & Nite Rugs offers various tailored solutions for treating different types of odors in your carpet.

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