Day & Nite Rugs offers a range of rug protection treatments, including a specialized Moth Repellent Treatment, to safeguard your rugs from the notorious harm caused by moths. These destructive insects have a particular affinity for wool and silk, which are commonly used in the construction of Oriental rugs and other exquisite textiles. By opting for our Moth Repellent Treatment, you can ensure that your precious rugs remain undamaged and in excellent condition.

We offer complete moth proofing services for your Oriental and wool area rugs. Upon completion of cleaning your rugs, we can apply a mothproofing that is effective in the prevention of insect damage to your Navajo, Oriental and other wool area rugs.

Our rug fibers are safeguarded against moths, fleas, ticks, and other insects with the use of a completely natural Moth Repellent product, ensuring their safety.

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